Becoming a Northern Arts Festival sponsor or donor is an excellent opportunity to receive high visibility for your company, align your product or services with a targeted affluent audience and entertain customers and employees, while supporting the arts.  Showing your commitment to the Northern Arts Festival will enhance your corporate reputation.


It will also foster significant support, acceptance and goodwill from your staff, investors, the community and organizations.


Six Important Reasons Why the Project Should Be Funded


Funding of the Northern Arts Festival is a direct investment into a fledgling community that reflects the rainbow nature of our society. The artists, participants, organizers etc. are drawn from all sectors of the community. The Northern Arts Festival is both an event as well as a process. Performances carrying social uplifting messages will be available on an ongoing basis to schools and youth organizations. Agreements will be entered into that will allow for performances to continue for educational purposes.


Platform to Unearth Talent


The Northern Areas of Port Elizabeth do not have an infrastructure i.e. theatres, amphitheatres, etc. Budding artists perform on street corners, churches and community halls etc. The Northern Arts Festival creates opportunities for budding artists to perform in front of thousands through the establishment of new community arts structures and the strengthening of existing ones.

Our talented artists will not flourish unless they are supported and looked after by organizational entities manned by volunteers. Whilst the performers and artists will take centre stage over the duration the event, the organizers work on the fringe to bring together these volunteers that will establish new arts committees and strengthen existing ones. The Northern Arts Festival creates networking opportunities that will otherwise not exist.


Sharing Of Expertise


Although the Northern Arts Festival is still financially dependent on grants and sponsorship it is already inundated with requests from people wanting to learn from our experience. We have become a resource to many other arts enthusiasts and ensured more opportunities for our communities to get to participate and enjoy the development of the arts.


The Northern Arts Festival: A Legacy for Generations to Come


It is imperative that Northern Arts Festival be seen not only as an arts awareness campaign, but also as an integral part of the complete solution, that is, our vision to create a better society for the future.


At the end of the annual Northern Arts Festival, every attempt is made to assist the young people who have come forward as “emerging artists” in sustaining their “musical talent” and becoming true South African inspirational success-stories in their own right.


Social Cohesion


Since its inception the Northern Arts Festival has built a very cohesive society and nurtured our people’s culture and in so doing mobilized a more caring society. No crime was reported over the duration of the festival thus far. The Northern Arts Festival has become a national legacy project, we have request from artists locally and internationally. We shall continue to promote the people’s arts within our communities, including local theatre groups, music groups, local cultural forms of expression and creative work including dance, music, oral poetry and literature.


Board of Directors


A board of directors oversees the key function of the organization and is responsible for the implementation of policy and direction.


Management Team


Our management team has many years of combined experience in marketing, programme development and other disciplines. We have a professional team of advisors. Good corporate governance and transparency is how we maintain a motivated team.



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